What is Topcat?

TopCat is an Autonomous Surface Vessel developed by the Centre for Maritime Engineering Control and Imaging at Flinders University. It is a highly capable research and data collection platform that aims to demonstrate the potential for autonomy in marine environments.

Autonomous Surface Vessels are the future of maritime technology. They will provide the capability to undertake long endurance missions in hostile environments. Perfect for difficult and dangerous tasks such as search and rescue or maritime patrol and surveillance. These vessels often use electric propulsion and can work in protected areas to complete environmental monitoring and coastal mapping tasks.

The team

Team Australis2 is a group of enthusiastic students and staff from 1st year to final year PhD. We are passionate about our work and proud to be at the forefront of maritime robotics in South Australia.

Current research

Topcat is currently involved in research projects at Flinders University and with our industry partners. We are not only researching robotic technologies but also aim to provide a research and data collection platform for industry and government.

Industry cooperation

Working with industry is a big part of this project. Our research direction is guided by local industries and our generous sponsors and partners have donated the time, money and equipment required to make this project possible.