Being involved in competitions provides Team Australis2 with many opportunities and helps to guide our research tasks. Competitions are not only exciting and challenging but also give teams the opportunity to interact with like minded people and tackle real world problems.

Maritime RobotX

The Flinders University Centre for Maritime Engineering, Control and Imaging (CMECI) has been involved in the Maritime RobotX challenges since their announcement by the United States Office of Naval Research in 2012. The competiton is organised by the Association for Unmanned Systems International (AUVSI) and aims to encourage collaboration between government, industry and academia as well as to promote development and research of autonomous maritime vessels.

For the initial competition in 2014 teams were generously donated a Wave Adaptive Module Vessel (WAM-V) platform and had to develop their autonomy platform using this base. This was the start of the Topcat Autonomous Vehicle Project and we would like to thank ONR and AUVSI for this exciting opportunity.

Inaugral RobotX Challenge - Singapore 2014

Singapore 2014 was the first ever Martitime RobotX Challenge and the first time CMECI had competed in an international robotics competion.
Come and see what we learned and achieved!

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