Media Gallery

Totem Test

Testing Topcat with competition totem poles at West Lakes.

Sonar Test

Gathering underwater data at West Lakes.

Fishing in the Torrens!

Interacting with the local fishermen at the Torrens River.

LiDAR Data West Lakes

LiDAR returns from the West Lakes launch area.

Coming Home!

Topcat secured on the trailer ready to head home.

Port River Test

Interacting with local traffic in the Port River shipping channel.


Topcat dwarfed by the large container ship in the Port River.

Tank Test

Testing the new steering and propulsion system..


Topcat driving down the Torrens River.


Topcat working around a pedestrian bridge in the Torrens River.

Topcat Version 1

Retrieving the original Topcat from West Lakes after one of the first on water trials.

The Team!

Members of the team demonstrating the vessel to local scientists.

Topcat Version 2

Topcat testing out new systems at West Lakes.

Obstacles in the Water.

Topcat gathering data from buoys in West Lakes to test computer vision algorithms.


Topcat testing out the mock competition dock at West Lakes.

Drones everywhere!

Topcat interacting with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

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