Who we are:

Team Australis2 is comprised of enthusiastic students and academics from Flinders University in South Australia. We are a diverse team with students from first year to PhD level, and disciplines including Robotics, Naval Architecture, and Biomedical Engineering. Our diversity is a key strength; bringing to the table expertise in control systems, sensor fusion, mission planning, maritime engineering, design, leadership and business management. United by a passion for robotics we have been tirelessly working on Topcat since 2014.

Team Members

Associate Professor Karl Sammut


Assoc. Prof. Karl Sammut is the Director for the Centre of Marine Engineering, Control and Imaging at Flinders University. His primary research area is autonomous marine vehicles, including mission planning, vehicle navigation, guidance and control, and situation awareness. He has led several research programmes funded by the Australian Research Council and by industry partners on projects related to unmanned vehicles.

Dr Andrew Lammas

Technical Advisor

Andrew is a post-doctoral research associate at CMECI. He is the main technical advisor for the ASV project. His current research areas include robot localization and battery modelling. Previous research includes motor drive & control, battery management, renewable energy systems, Bayesian state estimation, control systems, and embedded systems in both microcontrollers and FPGAs.

Mr Richard Bowyer

Technical Advisor

Richard is a senior academic at Flinders University. Prior to joining Flinders University, he worked for the Australian Department of Defence for over 20 years on electronic warfare systems and autonomous-systems research and development. Richard’s research interests include ethical autonomy, cooperative intelligent agents and safe emergent behaviour in multi-agent systems.

Tenzin Crouch

Student Team Leader

Tenzin Crouch is the student team leader for the Topcat ASV project. He is involved in the overall team management, mechanical upgrades and promotional work. Additionally, on the technical side he is developing a control system for the Topcat ASV. Tenzin is currently in his final year of a BEng Robotics (Honours)/MEng Electronics. He has been involved with TopCat since the project initiated, designing and building the first superstructure as well as working on other mechanical and electrical tasks.

Andrew Webb

Deputy Team Leader

Andrew Webb is the deputy team leader and electronics lead. His main involvement has been on implementing hardware upgrades and student management. His own honours project looked at active suspension for the Topcat. Andrew has been part of the Robotics team at Flinders since 2013 and helped develop the original mechanical structure of Topcat. Nearing the end of his Bachelor Engineering (Robotics) degree, Andrew is excited to represent Flinders University in the upcoming Maritime RobotX Challenge in Hawaii.

Scott Hutchinson

Software Manager

Scott Hutchinson is a final year BEng Computer Systems (Honours) student and assistant manager of the team’s software projects. Scott's main focus is on the development of a feature-based mapping and point-cloud classification system for Topcat. He has also taken on additional projects, including the development of a collision detection and avoidance system and an autonomous docking system.

Jonathan Wheare

Senior Software Developer

A former Information Technology worker, Jonathan is now a postgraduate student researching automated mission planning for field robotic systems. Jonathan was team leader in previous robotics competitions and he is looking forward to spending more time on the technical side of the project. Jonathan is the team's Robot Operating System (ROS) expert and software mentor. He has also developed the majority of Topcat's teleoperation and safety systems.

Jesse Stewart

Computer Vison Developer

Jesse Stewart is a fourth year engineering student currently pursuing a BEng Robotics (Honours)/MEng Electronics. Jesse is developing the computer vision capabilities for the Topcat ASV to enable reliable object tracking and classification. Jesse is currently undertaking work placement to develop computer vision systems for SAAB Australia and Topcat. In addition to his computer vision work he has been heavily involved with all mechancical and electrical construction work on the vessel.

Robert Kossatz

Software Developer

Robert Kossatz is a 3rd year computer systems engineering student currently undertaking work placement with CMECI. His main project is to develop the high level mission planning system and assist with other software development tasks. During his placement he has also assisted with hardware development and promotional work including website development.

Shane Geyer

User Interface Developer

Richard Bowyer

Techical Advisor, Mechanical and Electrical Developer

Bradley Donnelly

Acoustic Detection Specialist

Lachlan Harper

Electrical and Mechanical Assistant

David Swincer

Electronics Assistant

Lucas Paix

Electrical and Mechanical Assistant

Nicholas Seton

Mechanical Assistant

Clarence Chuah

General Helper

Anika Talukder

General Helper

Thomas Beltrame

General Helper

Keith Man

Electrical and Mechanical Assistant