Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Discovery

The Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Discovery laboratories focuses on issues relating to the discovery, modelling, interpretation and use of information and knowledge. While the emphasis is on applied research and the group strives to develop solutions to real-world data-rich problems, the laboratory is also interested in fundamental technologies, particularly in artificial intelligence and information theory.

In terms of application domain, the laboratory particularly (but not exclusively) applies it work to two major domains:

Our experience has shown that there are a number of commonalities between these two domains and the technology developed for one is often transferrable to the other. Moreover, both domains are extremely challenging which we find attractive.

Technically, we have six overlapping research programs. These are (in alphabetical order):

Some of our work, particularly that applied to health and medical systems, is covered by Flinders strategic emphasis on Medical Devices and Technologies (FMDAT). This research aggregation represents a substantial strategic research investment for Flinders University and includes over 70 academics and a similar number of postgraduate research students.

People Involved

The research group includes the following staff and postgraduate members:

  • Dr Aaron Ceglar - Research Fellow
  • Dr Shu-Chuan (Jan) Chu -Visiting Research Fellow
  • Prof. Richard Clark - Associate Investigator
  • Dr Denise de Vries - Principal Investigator
  • Jin Hu Huang - Postgraduate Researcher
  • Dr Richard Leibbrandt - Research Fellow
  • Dr Trent Lewis - Research Fellow
  • Dr Martin Luerssen - Research Fellow
  • Dr Takeshi Matsumoto - Research Fellow
  • Dr Carl Mooney - Principal Investigator
  • Dr Kenneth Pope - Principal Investigator
  • Prof David Powers - Principal Investigator and Contact Person
  • Sherry Randhawa - Investigator and Postgraduate Researcher
  • Prof John Roddick - Principal Investigator
  • Huan Min Shen- Postgraduate Researcher
  • Kenneth Treharne - Postgraduate Researcher
  • E/Prof. John Willoughby - Associate Investigator
  • Dr Dongqiang Yang -Research Fellow

Opportunities exist for both collaboration and postgraduate research. For more information, please contact the program leaders or for more general information please contact Prof David Powers. For more information on FMDAT please contact Prof Karen Reynolds.

More Information

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