Intelligent Systems Engineering

The scope of the Intelligent Systems Engineering Research Group's activities include:
  • Advanced Control Systems - Smart structures, Adaptive control;
  • Computer Vision - Nonlinear Image Processing, Video Motion Detection & Tracking;
  • Embedded Systems - Reconfigurable Computing, System-on-chip multiprocessor networks;
  • Robotics - Autonomous vehicles, Intelligent agents;

The main areas of research activity are divided across three overlapping research programs:

The three programmes benefit from a significant level of synergy derived from overlapping research activities. Much of the control, computer vision, and embedded systems technology developed for the vibration cancellation and the video imaging applications are directly transferrable to the autonomous vehicle programme.

These programmes are conducted primarily by the Intelligent Systems Research Group members, either solely or in partnerships with other academic and industry research groups.

The research programmes are allied to the following industry sectors:

  • Defence Systems
  • Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Security and Surveillance

People Involved

The research group includes the following staff and postgraduate members:

Associate Professor Fangpo He - Principal Investigator and Contact Person
Tae-hwan Joung - Postgraduate Student
Matthew Kokegei - Postgraduate Student
Andrew Lammas - Postgraduate Student
Dr Jimmy Li - Investigator
Peter Pakulski - Postgraduate Student
David Quinn - Postgraduate Student
Sherry Randhawa - Investigator
David Roberts - Postgraduate Student
Associate Professor Karl Sammut - Principal Investigator and Contact Person
Lyndon Whaite - Postgraduate Student
Xue Mei Zhao - Postgraduate Student
Ning Zhou - Postgraduate Student

Opportunities to join the group

Opportunities exist for both collaboration and postgraduate research. For more information, please contact the research groups leader A/Prof Fangpo He.

Sponsor Links

We acknowledge the generous support of the following Project Sponsors.

  • Virtutech Simics - Embedded Systems Simulation Platform,
  • Xilinx,
  • Texas Instruments.

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